Suzanna will take on the tough fights to grow the economy, support small businesses, create good-paying jobs, and strengthen the middle class.

Unfair Trade Deals

Suzanna knows that the first step to creating good jobs in Michigan is opposing unfair trade deals that ship existing jobs overseas. That’s why she opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership and, in Congress, would fight for trade deals that are fair to American workers. Any trade deal passed by Congress must include safeguards for workers and wages, as well as health, safety, environmental, and human rights protections that our unions have fought for and that have made American manufacturing the best in the world.

Michigan has suffered tremendous job and industry losses as a result of NAFTA, and Mike Bishop seems dead-set on repeating the past. He voted in favor of fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership through Congress without listening to the concerns of workers in the 8th district who strongly oppose job-killing trade deals.

Helping Small Businesses Compete

Suzanna spent her childhood helping her family’s diner grow and she knows that small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. Congress should be helping companies that create jobs here in America, particularly small businesses, instead of giving tax breaks for sending jobs overseas. Suzanna will fight to keep taxes low for small business owners and will cut back the red tape that makes it harder for entrepreneurs to create good jobs here in Michigan.

Investing in Workers

Suzanna believes that economic growth starts with strengthening Michigan’s middle class by investing in workforce training programs to prepare for the industries of the future. In the meantime, Suzanna strongly supports Trade Adjustment Assistance to support those displaced workers whose jobs have been outsourced due to the unfair trade deals she would fight to oppose.

Investing in Advanced Manufacturing and Infrastructure

An investment in advanced manufacturing is an investment in Michigan’s future and a strong middle class. By fully developing our renewable energy potential we can increase America’s energy independence, making it more cost effective to manufacture new products here in Michigan.

By tapping into new areas of technology and reconfiguring our energy sources, our state can create good jobs and serve as an example on combatting climate change without sacrificing economic growth.

Finally, Suzanna knows that rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure here in Michigan will create jobs and make our state a better place for businesses to grow and people to live.

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