K-12 Education Suzanna knows that a strong public education system provides students with the skills they need to compete in the 21st century global economy. She also understands the importance of accessible quality education at all levels, from Pre-K to life-long learning.

Improving schools and ensuring the best education possible for Michigan families starts with investing in our schools from pre-kindergarten to high school graduation and beyond. Access to quality educational opportunities is key, but affordability issues must also be addressed to ensure every child in Michigan can succeed.

College affordability

As a product of Michigan’s public schools and universities, Suzanna believes we must make college and higher education more affordable for everyone who wants to earn a college degree. She will also fight to make community colleges and trade schools more accessible for those who want to improve their skills. Students should be able to refinance their student loans – like Wall Street banks do – and students should get the same rate as the big banks do from the Federal Reserve.

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