Suzanna takes on tough fights every day as a Prosecutor. In Congress, she’ll take on the tough fights to get Washington working for the middle class again.

As a Macomb County Prosecutor in the Child Protection Unit, Suzanna takes on tough fights in the courtroom to protect children from sexual abuse and violence. In Congress, Suzanna will fight just as hard against big corporations and their lobbyists who are rigging the system against regular people.

Whether it’s creating good paying jobs, protecting Social Security and Medicare for seniors, addressing the pandemic of opioid addiction, or improving schools for our children, Suzanna is ready to take on the tough fights in Congress – and win.

In Washington, Suzanna will stand up to multinational corporations that are rigging the system against the middle class. Suzanna will fight to protect Michigan jobs by saying no to bad trade deals and will focus on expanding advanced manufacturing. She will support our veterans. And Suzanna will fight to overturn Citizens United that allows corporations and billionaires to spend unlimited untraceable money in elections.

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