Suzanna Shkreli Launches Her General Election Campaign with the Backing of County Chairs Throughout the 8th Congressional District

Prosecutor Suzanna Shkreli today launched her general election campaign against Mike Bishop with widespread support from county chairs throughout the 8th Congressional District.

Shkreli has built a strong campaign since announcing her candidacy in July, raising more than $100,000 in the first week of her campaign and being named an “Emerging Race” by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

“As a prosecutor, I take on tough fights every day to put away dangerous predators and protect our children from sexual abuse and violence,” said Suzanna Shkreli. “In the courtroom I see firsthand the challenges facing Michigan and the impact that Congress’ dysfunction and inaction has on our families. Michigan’s 8th Congressional District deserves a representative who will spend each and every day fighting to protect their interests by putting jobs and middle-class families first.”

“In a short period of time, Suzanna has built an incredibly strong campaign and I look forward to working with her over the next three months to get her elected to Congress,” said Ingham County Chair Sandra Zerkle. “She is right on the issues, and her fundraising shows she has the necessary grassroots support to win in November. Suzanna offers the 8th district an alternative to an out-of-touch career politician whose judgment is so bad he has endorsed Donald Trump and his message of bigotry and division.”

“Livingston County Democrats are excited to have such a dynamic, forceful person running in the 8th Congressional District,” said Livingston County Chair Judy Daubenmier. “Suzanna’s experience as a prosecutor has given her the ability to understand and represent the needs of our district. I know people are going to get even more excited the more they get know her and learn about her vision for Michigan’s middle-class families.”

“Suzanna is a great candidate who brings her experience of fighting for our families in the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office to this contest,” said North Oakland Democratic Club Chair Phillip Reid. “I look forward to working with her on the campaign trail and helping her fight for the priorities that will move the 8th Congressional District forward.”

Shkreli is a first-generation American, born and raised in Michigan. Her parents are working-class Albanian immigrants. Suzanna worked her way through Oakland University and then law school with student loans, in order to become a Macomb County Prosecutor, prosecuting homicide, drug crimes, assaults, and domestic violence. She currently serves in the Child Protection Unit, where she prosecutes crimes against children involving physical and sexual abuse. Suzanna is an advocate for victim rights, and has represented the United States Department of Justice in training law enforcement agencies on victim rights abroad. Suzanna lives in Clarkston, Michigan.

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